Fire System Protection Capabilities

Pressure Test, based in Wokingham in the south of England provides room integrity testing for any organisation that uses a gaseous fire suppression system. Enclosures that are protected by Gaseous Fire Suppression systems should be tested for air tightness” (their ability to contain the suppressing agent) this should be done upon commissioning and thereafter annually, this is stipulated in any of the design standards and most insurance companies now demand this. This is critical to ensure that the suppression systems will work effectively upon activation, it is now known that excessive air leakage will cause a loss of the extinguishing agent, this could result in the concentration falling to a level unable to extinguish a fire condition, rendering the fire system ineffective.
All of our engineers are specifically trained and use the latest software to identify this during an integrity test enabling us to provide you, the client with immediate results.

Fire Protection Specialists

We are  experienced in integrity testing ng  and   have the knowledge and skills to test all types of enclosure that are protected by a fire suppression system. Primarily based in Wokingham, berkshire, and with engineers in Leeds we are perfectly positioned to cover the whole of the UK at relatively short notice.

Why Choose Pressure Test?

We offer an extensive range of testing services to clients across the uk and have done so for many years. With the experience we have in this field, you can count on us to provide an in depth service, whatever your needs. 

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Due to our experience of Integrity Testing we provide a professional service whatever your requirements. We can perform tests on all types of enclosure regardless of shape, size and type of protection required and there probably isn’t anything we haven’t come across before.

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Industry Leaders

Being one of the first companies involved in this at the time revolutionary procedure we are industry leaders who offer extensive knowledge of testing all types of system having worked on most at one stage or another.

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At Pressure Test, we pride ourselves on being fully compliant with all current regulations and our engineers all undertake regular training on current and new technologies to ensure we achieve this.

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Expert Advice

Our dedicated team pride ourselves in being able to provide expert advice in regard to the services needed to over come issues in this varied and sometimes complex area.

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We offer a comprehensive range of services to all clients throughout the UK, operating primarily from Wokingham, Berkshire with resources now available from our engineers in Leeds there isn’t many places we cant attend within a few hours.

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Having had the privilege of working with many clients, we have developed a well-known reputation for the services we provide to the fire industry and are often considered as leaders in this particular field.

Testing, remedial & Maintenance Work

Pressure Test can not only perform Integrity tests on all types of enclosure, We can also carry out remedial works (to enhance agent retention capabilities) and if required can calculate, supply and install pressure relief facilities and extract systems (where the need arises).

We offer a consultancy service, based on practical experiences and use leading-edge technology when conducting all work with the aim of coming to a satisfactory completion.

Suppression Containment Consultancy


Our engineers can offer a consultancy service to assist clients from new builds to refurbishment of old buildings. Often prior to an installation taking place we will perform a preliminary test to establish what works are required, which extinguishing medium to use and the best method of application  If you are in any way responsible for enclosures that are protected by a gaseous fire suppression system, be it an operator, service provider or Data Centre Manager, give us a call;
Please note, you are actually legally required to have such areas tested, if any defects are identified, standards state that it should be resolved and if necessary a retest performed.

Please refer to standards and compliance

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We offer testing of gaseous fire suppression systems to customers in Wokingham, Berkshire and cover the rest of the UK.

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Our professional and fully trained team can provide bespoke consultancy to help design an effective enclosure to contain any fire suppression system with adequate facilities to prevent any pressure deficiencies and we can advise on safety requirements yet ensure that adequate suppressing conditions are met.

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We offer maintenance and remedial work to customers throughout the UK.

What People Are Saying

“I have used Pressure Test on many occasions. Would highly recommend.”

John Smith

“Pressure Test carried out integrity testing for my business. They provided a professional and efficient service..”

Jamal Lyons

“The guys at Pressure Test guided me through the work that was required. Highly professional team and will definitely be using Pressure Test again.”

Jane Doye

Pressure Test

At Pressure Test, we aspire to provide all industry throughout the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands with professional services that assists in the choice, installation and on going maintenance procedures on any type of fire suppression system. Having an enclosure that is suited to the system adopted is half the battle, we can assist in that. Should you require more information on what is available, and there are many options, then please don't hesitate to contact us. One of our team is always on hand to answer questions and deal with inquiries.
As well as over 25 years’ experience in Integrity Testing, Pressure Test perform remedial works, can decipher the pressure relief requirement and are now happy to announce the launch of our brand-new Air Tightness Testing division; Our Air Tightness team are equipped to test, diagnose and advise on all types of Domestic and Commercial buildings across the UK for both L1 and L2. We, as a group strive to deliver outstanding customer care, as well as providing an efficient, professional service for all your testing needs, whatever they may be.