- What We Do -

Pressure Test is a specialist, Wokingham based UK supplier of room integrity testing for organisations with gaseous fire suppression systems. Our skilled and reliable engineers use the latest software to generate reliable, high quality results.

Testing Services

We are  experienced in the fire protection industry operating  on a national basis and our  (experienced) staff have the necessary knowledge and skill set to test, maintain and carry out remedial works on all types of enclosures protected by gaseous fire suppression systems. Pressure Test has a tremendous amount of experience in testing enclosures of all types and sizes, ranging from computer rooms, control centres and data storage rooms, to turbine halls, generator rooms and disaster recovery suites.


Pressure Test can provide the necessary room Integrity testing in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and British Standards EN 15004-1 2008. We can also carry out remedial works, offer a bespoke consultancy service and use leading-edge technology when conducting all work.

Should your enclosure fail its integrity test, your insurance position may be compromised. If practically possible, Pressure Test can undertake remedial work to rectify faults and ensure the enclosure passes when re-tested. In some cases our engineers may be able to carry out the necessary remedial works at the time of the initial fail result, and a re-test can be conducted during the same site visit. Some enclosures may also need pressure relief to prevent the likelihood of structural damage occurring.

All enclosures protected by a fire suppression system should undergo integrity testing upon installation of any new system. If the enclosure passes the test criteria our engineer will issue a certificate to satisfy insurance requirements. The certificate will be valid for one year and the enclosure should be retested annually thereafter.  If any changes are made to the enclosure that could affect the integrity (e.g. changes to equipment, an extension or damage), a further test should be conducted and a re-test re-arranged. You can book your a test with Pressure Test at any time by giving us a call . We on a national basis and we have an engineer who will be able to support you locally.

Pressure Test’s engineers have over 20 years experience and offer a bespoke consultancy service to aid our clients that require specialist help to design an effective fire suppression system.

If you are responsible for enclosures that are protected by a gaseous fire suppression system; you are legally required to hold a valid integrity test certificate. Examples of such enclosures are operations or control rooms that house electrical equipment such as data storage devices, computers, electronic archives, control systems and generators.

- Who We Do It For -

We conduct integrity testing, remedial works and maintenance work for a wide variety of clients. Our clientele includes business premises, utility plants and council offices. We can conduct fire safety work for any public or commercial building with electrical facilities that are protected by a gaseous fire suppression system. We are also experienced in handling specialist environments such as power stations and stadiums.
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