Fire Suppression Services

– A Range of Testing Services to Ensure Safety & Compliance –

Pressure Test offers a complete range of integrity testing services. We provide ongoing support to IT managers and facilities managers who are responsible for enclosures protected by gaseous fire suppression systems. We are specialists in integrity testing, remedial work and pressure relief, and have vast experience in helping organisations of all types and sizes to maintain the safety of their establishment and meet legal requirements.

Pressure Test also undertakes bespoke consultancy projects to ensure effective initial enclosure set-up and ongoing compliance. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

Integrity Testing

An integrity test determines a room’s ability to contain gaseous fire suppressant once it has been released, for a pre-set amount of time that is equivalent to the emergency services’ response time. The purpose of the test is to safeguard lives and minimise structural damage.

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Remedial Work

When an enclosure that is protected by gaseous fire suppression fails an integrity test, remedial work is required to improve the seal around its boundaries. Without remedial work your enclosure is at risk of allowing gaseous extinguishing agent to escape, due to factors such as inefficient tightness of the enclosure’s boundaries. This will result in the enclosure failing to meet minimum requirements and insurance may be invalidated and the safety of the establishment may be compromised.

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Pressure Relief

Pressure Test are specialists in the installation of pressure relief vents. Pressure relief vents are responsible for the safe displacement of air. In normal circumstances these vents remain closed, allowing no back-flow of air from outside the protected area. When extinguishing agent is released pressure vents open to relieve excess pressure, they then close again to maintain room integrity.

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Annual Maintenance

Since 2006, NFPA and BS (ISO and EN) standards have stipulated that all relevant enclosures must undergo integrity testing, once a year or more frequently if there are any changes to the enclosure.

On receipt of a valid pass certificate it is advisable to book the following year’s integrity test straight away. You can book an integrity test with us up to one year in advance. One month prior to the test date Pressure Test will contact you to confirm the appointment and make final arrangements.

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At Pressure Test we are mindful that some clients require specialist help to design an effective fire suppression system. We are specialists in preparing enclosures that will be suitable for their purpose, whilst concurrently meeting legal requirements. In some cases pre-installation testing is advisable.

Pressure Test’s Consultant Engineers have 20 years’ experience in the fire suppression and integrity testing business. We offer a range of bespoke consultancy services to aid every aspect of system design and installation. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

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