Remedial Work

What is Remedial Work?

Pressure Test’s engineers are specialists in room integrity testing and we offer a remedial sealing and retesting service. Remedial work is required when an enclosure that is protected by a gaseous fire suppression system fails the integrity test.

When an enclosure fails an integrity test, the most cost-efficient option is for Pressure Test’s engineer to conduct remedial work, and then re-test the enclosure, to ensure it falls within required fire suppression parameters. If your enclosure fails its integrity test and remedial work is not carried out, it is at risk of allowing gaseous extinguishing agent to escape. This will result in the enclosure failing to meet minimum requirements set by NFPA and BSI, and could result in invalidation of your insurance. You require remedial work to be conducted on your enclosure if there are any doubts regarding the enclosure’s capability of retaining extinguishant, or if it has failed a test previously.

The majority of integrity test failures are due to the inability of the enclosure to adequately retain the extinguishant. The correct concentration is achieved during the initial design and installation, but the enclosure is not able to retain it for the required holding period. Remedial work should be conducted to improve the seal around the boundaries of the enclosure to reduce the leakage. In some cases remedial work can be conducted and a retest carried out whilst our engineers are still on site for faster results. An advantage of remedial works being completed whilst a test kit is on site, is that it can be seen if the works being conducted are effective and a positive test result can be achieved much more easily, if possible.

Once all necessary remedial work has been carried out, the enclosure will need to be retested to verify if an acceptable level of integrity has been reached. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

What’s Involved? Remedial Work Can Include:

• Sealing all holes, cracks or penetrations around the boundary of the enclosure

• Sealing cable trays and pipe chases wherever they penetrate the boundary of the protected area

• Caulking walls around the inside parameter, at high and low level

• Adding door sweeps, drop seals and weather stripping around door surrounds and jambs

• Sealing windows or other glazed areas

• Sealing porous block walls

Pressure Test Limited carries out a full range of remedial works and would be happy to submit a quotation for your enclosure.

Before and After Work

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