Pressure Relief

– What is Pressure Relief –

Whatever the result of the integrity test, Pressure Test engineers have the expertise to analyse test metrics and identify whether pressure relief is advisable.

What’s Involved?

Enclosures with gaseous/fire suppression systems installed must undertake annual integrity testing to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of the system. These systems are installed in order to safeguard the persons and equipment within the facility.

When high volume extinguishing agents are used, large volumes of air are displaced, giving rise to pressure spikes which must be counteracted using pressure relief vents to ensure structural stability. Pressure relief is often required for enclosures housing non-inert systems as the level of sealing required to avoid leakage is very high, and they are particularly prone to high pressure spikes.

The more effectively sealed a room is, the more likely it is to pass the integrity test. However, in some cases, effective sealing gives rise to another potentially harmful condition that requires corrective action to prevent excessive pressure build-up. Recent testing has determined that synthetic gases can create under and over pressurisation upon discharge that may result in structural damage.

In an enclosed space that is well sealed, at the point of discharge there could be a temporary increase in atmospheric pressure, depending on the type of system. This could result in an increase in pressure that could surpass the structural capability of the area to retain the pressure.

Using the latest software Pressure Test can ascertain the pressure relief requirements of your enclosure. Room integrity tests can be conducted to predict the peak pressure that is likely to be experienced at the time of agent discharge. Pressure Test’s engineers will establish whether the room has the sufficient strength to withstand the discharge pressure. If this is not the case, additional pressure relief venting is required. We can also test the function of existing pressure relief vents. Pressure Test installs specialist pressure relief vents which allow the safe displacement of air. These vents remain closed under normal circumstance, allowing no back-flow of air from outside the protected area. When extinguishing agent is released the vent opens to relieve excess pressure, then it closes again to maintain room integrity.

Pressure Test will install a pressure relief vent that is specifically designed for the system. This will allow the system to function properly, whilst avoiding any adverse effect on the structural integrity of the enclosure. Prior to any work commencing, an extensive evaluation of the enclosure will be conducted, a brief discussed with the client, and an in depth plan is created based on the individual project.

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