Bespoke Consultancy Service

Some clients require specialist help to design an effective fire suppression system, and to prepare enclosures that are both suitable for their purpose and in line with legal requirements. Whether you require a bespoke fire suppression system designing and installing, or a bespoke ongoing maintenance scheme, Pressure Test offers a range of fire protection services and a bespoke consultancy service to ensure your enclosure is always protected in line with legal obligations whilst ensuring the safety of your establishment. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and British Standards state that room integrity testing must be carried out upon installation of a fire suppression system. Once a pass is attained a retest should be carried out at least annually thereafter to ensure the system continues functioning effectively. Should any changes be made to the enclosure, such as changes to the size of the room, a re-test is also required.

Pressure Test’s Consultant Engineers have 20 years’ experience in the fire suppression and integrity testing business. We offer a range of bespoke consultancy services to aid every aspect of system design and installation. Should your enclosure fail the Room Integrity Test, Pressure Test offers a bespoke remedial works, pressure relief, maintenance and re-testing service. In some cases pre-installation testing is advisable to minimise wasted time. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

We have designed and built bespoke fire suppression systems for a variety of businesses, such as telecommunications, banking, financial services, transportation, data storage and manufacturing. We offer a comprehensive service from initial assessment and specification, planning and sourcing of materials and components required, to installation and testing, remedial work, maintenance and pressure relief. Pressure Tech also carries out ongoing preventative maintenance of fire suppression systems. We also offer testing and our range of services as a one-off.

Upon completion of every integrity test conducted, Pressure Test will supply a report detailing the areas of failure, or a certification of the pass.

Our efficient and fully accredited team deliver a professional and high quality service, whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your business at all times. Pressure Test believes that planning and preparation is vital in order to deliver apt and effective installation, remedial works or maintenance service. We guarantee that our engineers are prepared for any possibility to ensure successful completion of the project from start to finish.

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