About Pressure Test

– Our Mission –

Pressure Test’s mission is to be the premier supplier of effective and environmentally conscious integrity testing, remedial and consultancy services in the fire suppression industry. Our highly qualified team delivers industry-leading services to all types of commercial and public facilities throughout the UK, Eire and the Channel Islands whose safety is reliant on gaseous fire suppression systems. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

Company Overview

Pressure Test is based in the south of England and is a leading UK supplier of room integrity testing services. Our headquarters are near Reading, Berkshire. Pressure Test is a reputable company with 20 years’ experience in fire safety. We provide room integrity testing in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and British Standards EN 15004-1 2008. Integrity testing is our core business; we provide a responsive, high quality service to hundreds of organisations throughout the UK, Eire and the Channel Islands.

Our Clients

Many of the most recognisable names in public service and commerce are clients of Pressure Test. We serve hundreds of organisations from a wide range of industries including: information technology, telecommunications, government, banking, financial services, sport, utilities, transportation, oil and gas, retail and manufacturing. We build long term relationships with our clients that are based on trust in our continued performance, meaning they have ensured complete peace of mind when using our services. Pressure Test’s practised workmen have vast experience in testing a variety of types and sizes of enclosures. This experience varies from large data centres, disaster recovery suites and turbine halls, to small computer rooms and data centres.

Our Team

We employ a diligent team of highly qualified, dedicated and skilful engineers, whose timely approach and thorough attention to detail has earned Pressure Test an enviable reputation within our industry. Our consultancy staff is on-hand to offer advice on all aspects of fire safety, and will do all we can to help our clients to meet their legal obligations without delay. We operate within Bristol, Slough and Milton-Keynes.

– Our Aims –

Pressure Test aspires to provide the majority of business in the UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands with unbeatable, best-in-class fire suppression services. We also intend to extend our reach into other geographical markets. It is important to Pressure Test to take the best possible care of our customers and we are happy to give any advice you may require. Before you consider installing a fire suppression system, get in touch with Pressure Test and we will be happy to discuss all of your queries and requirements.